Our retreats run over a few days and are filled with collaborative experiences led by Dr. Maha and her team. Each day will involve different practices that promote learning new skills to strengthen your relationship, communicate more effectively, and connect deeply, in addition to movement and experiential activities that help a couple BOND.

If you are looking for a more in-depth and private opportunity to delve into your relationship and connect, then our couple's intensive is for you! Our team has very thoughtfully created a series of unique and powerful experiences that will help you and your partner gain more insight into your relationship dynamics and create authentic shifts. Our intensives are also tailored according to each couple's specific needs.

Our couple’s retreats and intensives are perfect for couples who are in committed relationships (married or not) who value growth and want to revive and strengthen their connection while doing something fun together. We strongly encourage couples that have recently decided to commit to each other (just got engaged couples and newly-weds) to participate in these experiences so that they can learn the necessary skills to build a solid foundation for their future together. But even couples who have been together longer (for example, if you have kids, or are retired, or your kids just left home), our retreats and intensives will give you plenty of opportunities to learn new things about each other, deepen your love, and create more intimacy.

Contact us to see how these offerings could benefit you!