We offer workshops for individuals and couples to promote loving relationships and more intimacy.


Our workshops can be presented to small or large groups, and can be offered to the public, or accommodated to private institutions and companies. Our workshops can be tailored to fit the needs and objectives of the organization or group. Our vision is to be able to instill sufficient knowledge and create enough change, in order to make a positive impact on people’s relationships on a larger scale. If we improve the environments at home, we can create healthier individuals and families, and therefore a happier world. 

In order to help improve relationships and create more fulfilling sex lives, our workshops provide education, suggestions, and experiential opportunities to learn how to deepen and strengthen communication, how to build a foundation for intimacy, and how to bond with your partner through daily practices. Participants will learn useful and relevant information, and have opportunities to practice some key skills and tools to connect with their loved ones in more authentic and meaningful ways. Some of the workshops will also include movement-based or nature-based activities that help the couple build trust, enrich their relationship, and bond. Additionally, some of our workshops offer core components that promote intimacy such as mindfulness practices, sensual touch, and active listening.

From Dubai, to New York City, Virginia, Cancun, Mexico, and now California, our workshops have helped many couples open up, discover new depths, be fully engaged and present, and create more powerful connections. Whether you are an organization looking to offer this to your staff, or an individual searching for a way to gain new insight into your relationship and experience something fun together, this is one way you can do your part in helping the world become a happier and healthier place!

Contact us on (949) 201-6393 or coaching@sexualhealingdoc.com to customize your workshop or to stay informed on our upcoming locations and dates!